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Our mission is to provide the best childcare support system that  YOU, as a parent deserve for your children.  With our high standards, morals and our child-care development knowledge our caring team will deliver a premium safe and fun time for your children.

We expect you to enjoy your time while we care and supervise your children.  As a collaborative parent we know and we trust that you will adhere to our safety protocol to keep all children safe and happy.  Our service specialists will guide you and assist you through the easy process of booking and reserving childcare with maximum confidentiality.  In order to accomplish our goal we need parents to contact us directly and follow our time guideline.  Please engage in the process with us to make this experience a great one for your children.



I carry in my heart a full commitment to help each family visiting the island of Puerto Rico with their particular needs,  their wellbeing and their children’s safety.  After 17 years as CEO for  two great corporations dedicated to families and children, I am pleased to know that we are fully trusted by our corporate clients, the hospitality industry and most importantly, the many families around the globe that keep contacting us to go where ever they are.  That is a true blessing!


One of my purposes in this industry is to educate hoteliers about the risks involved in family and child care and the commitment required to provide premium undoubtful family services to their guests.  My best advice to parents is — “Do your research, find out who’s behind, there is a reason for our office and that is to provide family services through safety protocols that every family member deserve. We must protect our parents, our children, our pets, our loved ones and treat them with respect, honor and righteousness.  Exercise your right as a parent and come to us, we love what we do and we do it great.”


Our beautiful family program was created exclusively to protect families, to serve our industry, we know the risks parents and children are exposed to and it is my goal to keep them all safe as much as I can.  I want all parents and families to experience what we offer.


Thank you for your ongoing trust!




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CEO for Nanny Group International LLC

Executive Director for Nanny on Call Program

BBA Administration and Accounting

Children Development and Childcare Management

MBA International Logistics (IP)

         International Marketing (IP)

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... that Nanny on Call Puerto Rico and Our Executive Director had been awarded in several categories as best Small Business in Puerto Rico and Manager of the Year Award for the Tourism Industry?

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For the protection of our families and their children, no pointed pictures have been used on testimonials.