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Happy children are raised by responsible parents

Welcome to our Family

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Our Nanny on Call Program is one of a kind; a child-care  program established in Puerto Rico that successfully promotes a healthy and trusted one on one supervision program available to all our international visitors and families. As a special program created through joined efforts with the government to specifically meet travelers and visitors’ needs, we have assisted thousands of families through nearly two decades.   Our signature name and our caring team are the best choice for parents in need of a qualified babysitter or nanny to help you cope with your lifestyle and your travel plans.  This is the child care division from Nanny Group International, LLC , a Complete Family Care Center that provides 24 hour care service and has the best TEAM STAFF to safely assist you with specific family needs.  



Parents notes on childcare and milestorms

Raise your child with healthy 

notes full of love and kindness!!!

Find useful information on family lifestyles, and child development. Share your stories with other parents. A great online community to discuss your life with children.


... that Nanny on Call Puerto Rico was created in 2003 with federal funds to provide a safe and reliable child-care system like no other in USA?

Know how's today in Puerto Rico


Special Consultations

Do you have a specific family need you would like to discuss? Please feel free to privately share your concerns to assist you better.


Nanny on Call name, logo and slogan are a registered service mark belonging to Nanny Group International LLC and it’s owners under the laws of United States of America and the commonwealth of Puerto Rico. NGI as a registered legal corporation, is duly authorized to do business and utilize Nanny On Call service mark to identify it’s childcare and babysitting division. Any distribution of information, programs, advertising or any other confusing information by any other entity, public or private, or any individual doing business in United States of America and/or its territories, similar to our service mark, constitutes a violation of the law.  Pictures displayed in our website are public domain, ours or belonging to

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