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Our purpose is to offer high quality in-home care programs to modern families. Nanny on Call PR, Inc. is the first family and child care assistance program established in Puerto Rico and the Caribbean Region that promotes a healthy and trusted travel service to all our international visitors and families.    Our signature name and our caring team are the best choice for parents in need of a qualified babysitter, nanny, care giver or tutor to help you cope with your life style.  Nanny on Call PR, Inc. provides 24 hour care service and has the best TEAM STAFF to safely assist you with your family needs.


**Official Family Care Assistance Program for the International Traveler**


24hours reservation required

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Hotel Childcare Program Enjoy your stay more pleasantly since Nanny on Call PR, Inc. is providing babysitting and Nanny services for guests staying at the best hotels in the island. Contact Housekeeping Department or Concierge at your hotel to ask for Nanny on Call PR. You may also call directly to our phone lines to have a Nanny at your service. Feel free to reach us even before you arrive to Puerto Rico. We are the only Babysitting Referral Placement agency recommended by the hotel industry in Puerto Rico.
In-home Child Care We provide nannies and babysitters through geographical areas for your convenience. Safe, simple and trusted.